Shawnee Jazz Festival 2012

Shawnee Jazz Festival      JJStudioImage

this Friday, February 3rd at 5:30 PM.


Hello all,

We are happy to have a couple students to sit-in and play a few charts with us from Shawnee and Cherry Hill East.

If you would like to play at a future concert or would like to learn more about how you can help us support our mission, please visit us at or come out to the show and speak to a M-Town Jazz Jam member.


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About Dale Storer

Bass player for M-Town Jazz jam. Grew up in Wrightstown, NJ attended Northern Burlington Regional High School (NBC). That was where I started learning music and found that I had a place in the world. I studied under John Lindner and I consider him my mentor. I played tuba and bass in school. I made the All-South Jersey Concert Band in '81 (tuba) and All-South Jersey Jazz Ensemble in '82 (bass). Also played in the NBC marching band for 6 years. Currently working as an Electrical Designer in Swedesboro, NJ, husband and father of 2. -My M.O. When the Medford BOE dismantled the Elementary Instrumental band program, I decided it was high time to get involved - Music as always the first thing to go - and is one of the more important curricular school activities. It is inclusive, helps kids to build social skills and (clinically proven) to help students achieve better grades. It is a great part of a well-rounded education - and many people forget it's the small things that get us through life. Music is one of the only forums where adults and kids - no matter what race, creed or religion from anywhere in the world - can get together and COMMUNICATE THROUGH MUSIC. Relating to one another with the common goal of self-expression and enjoyment for all involved, musician and spectator. Do not ignore the importance of Music and the music programs in our schools that enrich our Children's lives. If we do, that 'most joyful din' will go away, which will be a tragic loss for all of us and our children.

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