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Bio: M-Town Jazz Jam was founded in the fall of 2011 as a musical performing group located in South Jersey as well as an organization whose mission is to support music education in our schools.  We have three primary goals:

1. To raise awareness of the importance of music education in our schools.

2. To provide an opportunity for young people in the South Jersey area to have an opportunity to improve their jazz improv skills in a combo setting.

3. To raise funds through donations to support music education in our schools and local area.

We are working with music teachers in the local schools as well as private music teachers to identify and invite students interested in working on their jazz skills to play with us at our events. We play a number of gigs through out the year where we feature several student musicians. We have released a double CD that features students.

divider_MusicM-Town Jazz JamMTownGroupPhoto

(Left to right)

Dave Bermingham – Guitar
Dave Ahearn – Tenor Sax
Garrett White – Drums
Lincoln Hansen – Keyboard
Dale Storer – Bass

M-Town Jazz at the 10! Show July, 2012

M-Town Jazz Jam with student Eme Eskaros sitting-in in the 10! Show in July 2012.



divider_MusicLetters from parents:


We wanted to thank you for all the work that goes into making this program possible.  We were so proud seeing our son and the other children stand up before the crowd and perform last evening.   A few weeks ago,  William didn’t know how to put the instrument together, let alone play it.  Music can be one’s personal salvation and also a shared experience that uplifts and brings people together.  William plans to continue on and be in band this coming year.  Instead of feeling behind and unsure of himself, he feels confident heading into the school music program.   Thank you so much for giving him this!


Mark & Robyn K.


Quote from Jeanne Hauser, “Thank goodness for M-town Jazz Jam and the NJ School of Music for stepping up to provide scholarships to Medford’s elementary school children after the 4th and 5th grade instrumental music program was abolished in Medford three years ago.  My twelve year old son has benefited from M-Town, as they invited him to experience playing with their group as a 5th grader.  He has grown tremendously under their tutelage, as well as private lessons at the NJ School of Music. Now I can thank both M-town Jazz and NJ School of Music again as my eleven year old daughter was one of the lucky recipients of a scholarship.”

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Our latest Gigs and Happenings are on our Events page.

Contact Info:

You can find us through our Contact page –

or by phone: Dave Bermingham 856.506.1717    Dale Storer 609.969.3815

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